Gregory Boger, MD

I am writing this to express my pleasure with the services that Florida Business Systems (dba CPJ Medical Billing) has provided to my practice. I have used them for medical billing/claims over the past 15 months and they have provided excellent service.
Specifically, I am endorsing the skills and customer service of Mr. Paul Visser, Owner, and Ms. Phyleischa Mayne-Owen. They are attentive and prompt in filing claims and aggressive in pursuing claims which have been denied or rejected. Phyleischa also works pro-actively with my office administrator and me to make sure that the maximum number of claims are filed clean and timely, thus preventing unnecessary delays.
I recommend their services to any medical practice looking for a billing agency (or shopping for a new one).
If you have questions regarding this recommendation or my experience with their services, you can call or email.

Gary Visser, MD

“Since incorporating our practice management, EMR, and billing systems seamlessly through HealthFusion and CPJ Medical Billing (owned by Florida Business Systems), we have seen an improvement in our AR as well as our productivity level.  We’re happy with the results so far and look forward to implementing even more of the options and streamlined processes.”

Adam Langley, MD

“Since working with CPJ Medical Billing (owned by Florida Business Systems) and HealthFusion, we have gained tremendous insight and control over our billing cycles. Within the first six months we significantly reduced our outstanding accounts receivable balance.  It has been a wise move from our prior EHR and practice management system.”

Phyleischa Owen, Medical Biller

I have been a Medical Biller and Coder for over 16 years and have worked with many Practice Management Software Companies and since using MediTouch, I have found that correct coding and claims submission is much easier.  The format to view claims history and manage claims has saved me time and money.

Christina Marinelli

“Working within the MediTouch Health Fusion EMR is both easy and logical. I was able to create templates and shortcuts easily and efficiently so that documenting is streamlined both for the nursing staff and for the providers. Lab Orders are electronically placed and sent to the corresponding local labs with ease.”